Ty Rose

Ty Rose

Wedding Officiant

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding ceremony!

You’ve waited this long so don't settle for a "generic" ceremony that looks and sounds like everyone else's solemnized by someone you have never met with before your special day.  

I meet personally with each couple ahead of time to help you create a ceremony that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.  Taking the information from our meeting, I write a ceremony script that  is uniquely yours. With your permission, the script will include interesting facts about how you met your relationship and your dreams for your future.  Since it is your ceremony, it should include all the elements that are meaningful to you and reflects you as a couple. 

Your ceremony can be formal, informal, traditional, contemporary: whatever style you choose, you can ensure that it will be a joyous and beautiful occasion.  I take pride in giving you precisely what you expect and hope for.

I provide professional services for persons seeking an Orange County or Southern California Wedding Officiant, Minister, Clergy, Celebrant or Reverend for the performance of a:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Civil Ceremony
  • Wedding Vows
  • Interfaith Wedding Ceremony
  • Nondenominational Wedding Ceremony
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Elopement Ceremony

During my 29 years as a licensed and ordained minister, I have officiated hundreds of Weddings, Holy Unions and Commitment Ceremonies.  
My ordination is from a Christian denomination and was not purchased over the internet like some wedding officiants you may encounter.

My credentials allow me to perform wedding ceremonies in any state.  I delight in helping couples create a ceremony they will cherish for the rest of their lives.


How do we get started?  Submit the contact information form found on this site.  Please include the date, time and location of your wedding.  I will respond within twenty four hours to your contact.  By phone we can discuss your particular needs and set an appointment to meet in person.  

What type of Ceremony Do You Use?  I use a variety of resources to create an individual ceremony for each couple.  Your ceremony is unique as each couple shares with me personal information that “tells your story” as I write the script.  Couples local to the Orange County, California area meet with me in person while couples from out of the area or out of state will provide their input by phone and e-mail.  Your ceremony may be in a formal setting, a residential setting or a private setting.  The nature of the setting as well as your preferences as a couple will help determine the type of ceremony.

Do you perform Civil Ceremonies as well as Religious Ceremonies?  Each couple decides on the level of religion or spirituality in their service.  Many of my couples  choose to honor their individual faiths, spirituality or religious backgrounds during their ceremony. However they don't want any religious expression used in their ceremony to be heavy-handed or dogmatic.  Other couples want no religious expression in their ceremony because that would not reflect who they are. Your ceremony is not a place to become more or less religious, it should truly reflect who you are as a couple.  Many couples have requested me to use prayer, religious writings or scripture reading.  Other couples have asked to have their own clergy participate in the ceremony with me or for me to work with two clergy when the couple is of different faiths.  These ceremonies wonderfully expressed the religious beliefs of both partners.

Do you perform same sex ceremonies?  Yes.  I was honored to be the officiant at the first legal same sex marriage in Orange County, CA on June 16, 2008.  I officiated several other same sex marriages during that time until CA state law changed in November 2008.  When the legality of Prop 8 was overturned by the U. S. Supreme Court in June 2013 I resumed performing same sex marriages.

May we write our own vows?  Couples may compose their own vows or ask me to work with them in composing something appropriate that reflects their love and commitment to one another.

Do you do weddings outside Orange County?  Yes in the adjacent counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.  There is a travel fee for weddings outside of Orange County. I have officiated weddings in parks, gardens, hotels, private homes; at golf courses, courthouses & beaches, on boats and in houses of worship.  

Do you do ceremonies on short notice or private ceremonies?  Although I encourage couples to contact me as far in advance as possible to confirm that I am available I do provide services on short notice. 

Do you come to the rehearsal?
  Typically not as your wedding coordinator will lead you and your bridal party through the rehearsal.  I work in consult with your coordinator in advance and the coordinator will have a copy of the wedding script that I have created for you.  If you need me to be at or run the rehearsal there is a rehearsal fee.

Do you work with Wedding Coordinator/Planners? Yes, as I am not a wedding coordinator or planner.  My focus is on the ceremony itself.  I am happy to work with the coordinator/planner of your choice.

What are your fees?  Basic Service: This brief ceremony includes only the exchange of wedding vows and rings. Typically the couple getting married and their witnesses are the only ones present. Our brief  planning is done by phone and I meet you at the ceremony site. There is no meeting or rehearsal ahead of time.  This ceremony is not for those desiring a more personalized ceremony and would be similar to couples who choose a judge, justice of the peace or a random clergy member to solemnize their marriage. The fee is $350.

Complete Service: This service includes a personal meeting with the couple at least two weeks prior to your ceremony.  The meeting typically last between one and two hours during which time the couple shares with me their thoughts and plans for their ceremony as well as some of their personal history as a couple.  While I prefer the meeting take place in your home, you may also choose to meet in a less personal setting like a local restaurant or coffee shop.  Using this information as well as my own resources I then write a custom script for your ceremony.  The script is then provided to you via e-mail for your review and modification if needed.  The price range for this service is $600 - $800 depending on the elements you want in your service.

A 50% deposit is required to schedule your ceremony date on my calendar.  The balance of the fees is due a minimum of one week prior to your ceremony.  All fees are subject to change without notice.  Fees quoted are for ceremonies in Orange County, California.  There are less expensive officiants just as there are discount flowers and cakes.  Your guests probably won’t know if you find a great deal on flowers but you might want to think twice before putting an inexperienced officiant in front of you and your guests on your wedding day.  

Additional Fees: Rehearsal: If you are planning a rehearsal and would like me to be there the fee is $200.  My participation in the rehearsal is optional. Travel Outside Orange County: Will be quoted based on the location of your ceremony.

Additional Thoughts: My couples have final approval over everything that is said and done during their ceremony. These details are worked out during our advance planning meeting. I encourage each couple to spend the time it takes to create a ceremony that reflects your love and commitment to each other as well as your beliefs in marriage. Your wedding day and your married life begin with this momentous event.

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